Search Engine Marketing

Google boasts an average of 3,700,000,000 (3.7 billion) searches per day. Searchers are looking for services just like yours, you just need to attract them. We use search engine marketing to get more traffic to your website and ultimately attract new patients.




Social Media Marketing

Facebook has 1,370,000,000 (1.37 billion) daily active users. Social Media is a great, cost-effective way to get your brand out there and connect with new and current patients. We manage your social media account for you, so can stay focused on what you do best.




Email Marketing

Did you know that at least 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? We combine email marketing with other strategies to get more repeat patients, to attract new patients, and to cultivate patient leads. Email marketing can be automated and in many cases has the best ROI for medical practices.




Online Reputation Management

What’s the first thing you do when choosing a new business to use? Many patients look up reviews of your business on Google, Facebook, and other online sources. Your online reputation is a huge factor in deciding which practice patients will choose. We help you put a process in place to generate reviews, and consult with you on properly handling criticism online.



Conversion-Driven Web Design

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing efforts. All other media, which includes email, social media platforms and paid advertising, serve to drive traffic directly to your website. Once there, your audience can view an article, blog post, or custom-tailored landing page, which can instantly transform them into new patients.

Photography & Videography

Quality photography & videography has the power to engage and delight. Humans have “visual priority”. This means that what we see takes priority over our other senses. (“I’ll believe it when I see it,” but “don’t believe everything you hear.”) Take advantage of human nature and engage your audience with quality photography & videography.







Our Process: What You Should Expect


1) We meet to assess your needs and goals. Understanding your business and value proposition helps us create a marketing campaign that accurately represents you and your business.

2) We present you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new patients. This strategy will include the target platforms that will get you the best ROI based on your circumstances.

3) We’ll then begin designing the creative assets your campaign requires, including copy writing, graphic design, landing pages creation, and more.

4) We monitor the performance of the implemented strategies, sending weekly reports to you so you’re never in the dark. Based on the performance of your strategies, we act appropriately to tweak and modify your campaign to improve results and ROI. We take a data-driven approach to attracting new patients and growing your practice.



Schedule a
1-on-1 Consultation

Most digital marketing campaigns end with an unfavorable result. Let our years of experience deliver you results. In this consultation, we’ll discuss how we can accomplish your goals, including:

1. A brief overview of your project & requirements
2. A peek into how our marketing strategies will get you results
3. How Tangent Media differs from other agencies

Your consultation will be directly conducted by our CEO, Doug Smiley–no pushy “business development” people, ever.

Talk directly to our CEO, Doug

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