About Tangent

Central Florida Digital Marketing Agency

We believe there are no small projects, only small ideas. Every detail is important. We work closely with our clients to execute each project using years of project management experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. We are results oriented. Every strategy undertaken or tactic implemented is aimed at satisfying business objectives, and is measured against predetermined goals.

A Team Approach

Tangent Media’s hand-picked teams of industry experts are world-class; orchestrated to deliver the most pertinent and appropriate solutions to each client’s individual needs. We custom assemble your specific team based on your style, sensibilities and needs. This allows us to capture the unique style and flavor of each individual project.

Client Relationships

We’ve spearheaded numerous multi-million dollar projects for many Fortune 500 clients, including Lucent Technologies, Perot Systems, Raymond James Financial, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Certegy, Equifax, FIS, Echelon Commercial Real Estate Services, Florida Council on Economic Education, St. Petersburg College/Homeland Security, Transitions Optical and many others. Tangent Media’s business philosophy is to build long-term relationships based on trust, competence and years of management experience.


Tangent Media brings years of successful, pertinent experience to your team. We are well-versed in all aspects of marketing communications, including creative development and campaign conception, writing and directing, graphic design, ID and branding, as well as being fluent in a wide variety of media production technologies such as website design, video production & post, mobile app development, photography, print, software development, and other distribution methodologies.



Doug Smiley

For over 30 years, Doug has been providing local and national clients a variety of marketing communications and digital media production services, including video production & post, web design, software development, graphics, animation, and more; specializing in the technologies inherent in producing digital media, with an emphasis on business-to-business communications. Doug also has years of experience in live event production and large-scale audio-visual technology, producing live events for many of his clients. Doug’s business development skills and copy writing ability round out a diverse set of talents that make Doug an ideal choice for your strategic planning.

Christy Smiley
Creative Director

Christy brings over 30 years experience managing large projects, ranging from e-commerce websites to building a multi-million dollar communications technology company. Christy has strong leadership, client management, and organizational skills, combined with a unique blend of creative/technical expertise. Christy’s Account Management and Project Management skills are world class, spearheading numerous multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 clients. Christy’s design capabilities are also well documented. As Raymond James Financial’s Creative Director for over 10 years, she managed the creative department’s production and growth.

Caleb McElroy
Designer | Lead Developer

Caleb McElroy is Tangent Media’s lead developer, bringing a broad range of talents to the team. His experience includes working in design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other languages. Caleb has won awards for web design and excels in all mediums of digital design. As a result of his many years helping run his own family’s business, he is not only talented but has developed a work ethic second to none and has built relationships with vast numbers of people in the community. If you are ever stuck in a foxhole with someone, you will want it to be Caleb McElroy.

James Gibson
Art Director | Photographer

With 9 years professional experience, James Gibson has a thorough understanding of Marketing & Business Development. As a professional photographer for several local print publications, James was the recipient of 6 Charlie Awards from the Florida Magazine Association. His experience includes photography, videography, digital design, motion design, & business development, but James’ talents don’t stop there. James at his core is a maker & entrepreneur, making him an asset and key player at Tangent Media!

Ryan Smiley
Editor | Social Media Coordinator

Ryan’s broad skillsets include video production and editing, special effects and motion graphics, social media marketing, and digital advertising. Ryan has been providing Tangent Media video editing, social media, and web maintenance since he was a teenager. Ryan’s teamwork and collaboration skills come naturally as a professional musician of over 10 years. Ryan possesses the perfect combination of artistry, project management and business development skills, making him a useful and valued member of the team.

Shelly Smith
Social Media Specialist

A 2015 grad from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Shelly has her degree in Theater Arts and uses her artistic skills to design social media marketing, graphics, and website content. Shelly is an internet savvy individual who has excellent communication skills and a strong passion for social media. Shelly pays great attention to detail, and has superior organizational skills, which she puts to good use in project management. Shelly understands the importance and impact of social media marketing, which makes her a perfect fit as social media specialist.

Pete Smiley
Mascot | Client Vetting

Found on the side of the road in near-death condition when he was just days old, Pete has really grown into his own and become an enthusiastic member of the team. Pete’s keen people-sense provides thoroughly effective vetting of clients. His propensity to cuddle and eagerness to play, or rough-house has the magical effect of making you feel good inside. Just a few minutes with Pete will make even the most stoic personality giggle with joy. We may have technically rescued Pete, but in many ways, Pete has rescued us as well.