What Is Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a SEO)
& How Will It Boost Your Bottom Line?

SEO is the practice of improving your website’s search engine rankings by developing quality website content and specific code that ranks well with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. First, your website must be coded so it is fast, secure, and mobile-friendly. Second, you need lots of unique, relevant content that is compelling to your potential customers. Third, you must garner links and references to your site from other relevant and authoritative websites.

With the right combination of on-page optimization, relevant content, and quality backlinks, you will begin to see increased traffic to your website, which in turn gives you the opportunity to convert casual viewers into paying customers. If you are not ranking on the first page of search results, or don’t have some type of conversion mechanism in place to capture the users contact information, you are letting potential sales slip right through your fingers.

Free SEO Analysis

Want to know where your website’s SEO stands?

Performing SEO Audits

Critical research is the first step. Our comprehensive SEO Site Audit lays the foundation for the strongest search engine results possible and determines the best path in achieving return on investment. This audit allows all parties to understand the scope of the project and allows us to write a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP). Once the analysis stage is complete, you’ll know what it’s like to interact with our professional team, you’ll have critical knowledge about the opportunities and obstacles that exist, and we’ll know exactly what it’ll take to help you achieve search engine optimization success.

Optimizing Content/Code

On-Page Optimization includes writing new, properly optimized content to be posted to your website. Your content should adhere to all SEO best practices such as: proper keyword density, keywords in the title, keywords in alt tags, proper keyword data in meta-tags, etc. In many cases, we simply need to optimize what already exists, rather than writing new content. Our methodologies are proven across different industries and in incredibly competitive marketplaces.

Building Backlinks/References

The most reliable method for building a healthy collection of backlinks is to publish high-quality content to which others are compelled to link. You can also reach out to high-quality partners (partners who themselves have a high degree of trust with Google) and request having them link to your content. Avoid asking for a link merely for the purpose of creating backlinks; rather make them aware of the quality content you provide that will be of great value to their customers/users. You can offer to write guest posts on other companies’ websites, imparting your wisdom to their users, thereby capitalizing on the opportunity to include a link (or links) to your website.

Mobile-First User Experience

Mobile-First (responsive) sites have taken priority in the indexing of web pages. Mobile has now become one of the leading factors in computing search rankings. In addition to the benefits a mobile-first site adds to your search ranking, mobile optimization is more important than ever to your potential customers. In fact, the majority (about 57%) of web traffic takes place on mobile devices. It is no longer just an added benefit to offer a website that translates well to mobile devices. It is a requirement! And the trend shows little sign of stopping. Think mobile-first, not just mobile-friendly.

SEO Analytics and Reporting

Our Keyword Reports tell you exact keywords and phrases users are searching for, as well as monthly search volume. This gives you an idea of the potential traffic searching for your products/services. Website Audits look at page load times, broken URLs, and other problem areas affecting search results. Competition Analysis helps us identify keyword strength and difficulty of achieving search results. Rankings Reports benchmark where certain keywords and search phrases are ranked. Competitive Intelligence Analysis looks at your top competitors’ rankings for keywords and search phrases. Backlink Strength Reports contain details on the strength of inbound links to your website. Building a solid backlink program is vital to top ranking SEO results.

Refining Your Campaign

We believe SEO is the single best investment most firms can make. Tangent Media will continue to refine and improve your rankings over time. The SEO process starts with gaining trust and authority with Google (and other search engines) on specific keywords. Once that trust is gained, and rankings are achieved, you need to maintain that edge in the marketplace. Our clients tend to maintain their first page positions for years.  This investment pays dividends month after month. The key is to be consistent and persistent! Our methodologies are proven across many different industries, and in incredibly competitive marketplaces.