Tangent Media designed and developed this original website to train first responders about terrorism preparedness, emergency tactics and procedures, and to serve as a source of certified continuing education credits. Intuitive design allows quick, convenient access to all areas of the site, including video streaming and live webcasting; PowerPoint, pdf and HTML courseware; and real-time student tracking and examination.

The “Training Center” provided a dashboard type interface that not only provided searchable access to videos and courseware, but also tracked progress and calculated continuing education credits, tracked and reported test scores, recorded viewer feedback through online evaluations,and awarded certificates for successful completion of each course. tangent media! produced many of the featured video segments, several of which went on to win industry Telly Awards.

The site employs a companion administrative utility that allows convenient editing of content by college staff. Additional features included a dynamic event calendar and news article archive, each with the same administrative utility, allowing simple yet powerful editing, through a wizard-type interface, aleviating the high costs typically associated with maintenance of a site this size.