For over 15 years, tangent media! has been providing a variety of marketing and media services to
Card Services For Credit Unions, an Equifax subsidiary, from conceptual design and art to advertising and video production. As is the case with most of our clients, tangent media’s partnership with CSCU is based on the trust that comes from a long-term relationship and a thorough understanding of our clients’ underlying business.

Services provided to CSCU include print advertising, logo design, publishing of annual reports, training materials, campaign planning, video production, web development, content management, business presentations, signage, tradeshow exhibits, and live event production.

CSCU needed an awareness campaign for a web-based software application. tangent media! developed branding, an advertising spokesman (cartoon character), an interactive training application, various magazine ads, direct mail pieces (both print and electronic), event signage, banners, and more.

This product served both as a demo of the application and a compelling direct mail piece, taking
the client on a virtual journey through industry-specific obstacles on the road to ultimate profitability. The powerful and entertaining metaphor allowed us to increase awareness, while at the same time acquainting the customer with the use of the application. This campaign was so popular and successful it remained in use for years in CSCU’s ongoing efforts to increase awareness and extend their brand.