Tangent Media! has provided an array of software applications and services to Bright House Networks Tampa Bay, to improve sales, enhance communications, and streamline business processes. This is made possible by our thorough understanding of their business, advertising and media production.

Tangent Media! developed a system to manage millions of dollars in sales of Bright House’s advertising airtime inventory. By carefully assessing the buying behavior of advertisers and analyzing the sales team’s workflow, we created an airtime inventory management and reservation system based on real-world business processes and real-time sales data, revolutionizing the way Bright House sells cable advertising.

We then made their sales process more effective by creating an “Electronic Media Kit” providing account executives and media buyers secure, ubiquitous access to the vital resources that drive their ad sales.

Launch of the new portal was accompanied by a promotional campaign delivered via direct mail, trade journal ads and rich-media emails using consistent branding and messaging. A variety of digital media components were deployed, including “video email” with streaming video of account executives and “get to know your AE” messaging. This was followed up with online surveys and reports tracking results.

Tangent Media! was then tasked with taking Bright House Networks’ real estate sales channel online, complete with its own branding, on- screen agent, home search and back-office admin features.