How to Use Online Marketing
to Generate Leads & Make Sales

This is the first article in a series of 5 articles on online marketing. You’ll be guided through how to effectively use online marketing to grow your business. Whether you’re completely new to online marketing, or just trying to sharpen your skills, you’re in the right place.

During this course, we’ll explain the core strategies of online marketing. You’ll learn industry secrets and the tactics that professionals use. This course will not provide exact instructions on setting up each marketing platform, but rather explore the strategies and techniques needed to make online marketing work for you.


Why You Should be
Using Online Marketing

Increasing Revenue

Campaigns that use the strategies found in this course see an average of at least 150% ROI. Unlike print advertising and other marketing mediums, online marketing has the unique ability to track the revenue being produced by your campaigns. Platforms like Google Analytics (for tracking your website visitors), Google Adwords (for running ads on Google), and Facebook Ad Manager (for running Facebook ads) have incredibly powerful tools for tracking the results of your ads so you can calculate the exact ROI of each campaign.

Reaching a Larger Audience

Facebook has over 1.37 billion daily active users. And Google boasts an average of  3.7 billion searches per day. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a very large audience.

Targeting Your Specific Audience

Not only do you have access to a very large audience, you can also target who should see your campaigns. Google allows you to target your audience based on their searches. And, Facebook allows you to target your audience based on age, gender, behaviors, interests, life events, and many more criteria.


Getting Started Using Online Marketing


Where Most Go Wrong…

Most new online marketers jump into running their campaigns only to find disappointing results. So, why is that?

Mostly because of not understanding how marketing funnels work. A common mistake is to try to make the sale before you’ve even attracted an audience. And once you’ve attracted the audience, you need to cultivate that lead before attempting to make the sale.

You need to realize, your audience starts out not knowing who you are, not trusting you, and doubting that you know what you’re talking about. You must first build trust and establish yourself as the expert.


Understanding Marketing Funnels


A marketing funnel is the process used to attract an audience and turn them into customers. As depicted in the image above, there are multiple steps in a marketing funnel. 1) You have to attract an audience and get them into your funnel. 2) You need to nurture that audience. 3) Then finally, you need to convert that prospect into a customer.

Attracting an Audience

The first step is to attract an audience. A common technique is using something called a “lead magnet”. A lead magnet is basically where you “bribe” your audience with a valuable resource, such as a free guide, video series, webinar, etc, in return for their email address. By building an email list, you can then use it to prime your audience for the sale.

Your lead magnet should attract the right audience. It should interest those who are most likely to need your product or services.

Nurturing Your Audience

So you’ve started attracting an audience. Now it’s time to cultivate the need for your product or service. At this point in the funnel, your audience isn’t ready to buy; you need to convince them.

You can nurture your audience by providing educational content, showing benefits, and telling success stories. Your audience might not have a need for your service or product at that moment, but by nurturing your audience, you’re setting yourself up to make the sale.

Making The Sale

At this point of the funnel, you’re targeting the section of your audience that is already primed and ready from your previous interactions. You’re going to receive much better results if your viewer has already been primed.

Finally, when trying to make the sale, it’s a great idea to create a sense of urgency. This can be done by creating a time-sensitive offer, such as a discount. By doing this, you will increase your conversion rates.


A lot more to come!

Today was an introduction to online marketing. And over the next few articles, we’ll dive deep into each marketing platform. You’ll learn how to make your online marketing plan come to life. We hope you’re already learning a lot. If you have any questions, send us a message and we’ll get back with you!

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