More and more the effectiveness of search engine optimization is being questioned. There are those who will tell you SEO might be dead, or that it no longer works as a marketing tool. However, the fact is SEO will continue to be useful and cost-effective, and there are numerous companies that are renewing their investments into SEO infrastructure.

There are a few reasons why SEO could still be a worthwhile investment for your company:

1. It Works

Perhaps the most important reason is that the techniques have never stopped working. Data from recent case studies demonstrates that good SEO strategies with a focus on user experience will provide greater organic traffic.

2. It will continue to work in the future

Due to the way search engines function and are developing, SEO will remain effective for a long time. Even as the content being searched for changes over time, the searches still rely on keywords to find content.

3. It’s cost-effective

SEO gives you a good return on your investment when compared to the cost of other online marketing techniques. Pay-per-click and social media marketing are useful, but organic SEO remains one of the best ways to build up your online presence.

4. Search engine use continues to rise

It has become common practice for customers to search for online reviews before spending their money, and this provides more ways for businesses to reach those customers that would otherwise be taken by the competition.

5. Mobile means local

Web traffic from mobile devices is on the rise, often even exceeding traffic from desktop devices. This has provided new opportunities for SEO to focus on local search optimization.

6. Maintaining a content profile is important

Search engines are continually updating their algorithms and looking at websites differently. The way your search ranking was determined a year ago may have changed dramatically, and unless you update your own online content profile over time it can negatively affect your business.

7. If you don’t, your competitors will

Since SEO is an ongoing process, a failure to improve can mean you quickly losing ground to the competition. Likewise, you can gain an edge over the competition by staying on top of your SEO.

It may be difficult to commit to SEO when it seems there is a lack of organic keyword data, but investment in SEO is more important than ever. Online marketing cannot succeed without effective SEO strategies, and in the future will remain a central piece of any company’s online branding and marketing.

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